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Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Social Stories

I love using social stories with many of my students!  You may have seen my previous post about a social story for students moving to a new school, and I hope you had a chance to download it from our “Free Downloads” Page.  I recently added three more social stories so feel free to download those as well.  The first is called “Finding Things.”  I created this social story for a student that had a little problem with finding other students’ things and claiming that those things belonged to her.  The second story, “I Need Help,” was created for a student that had some anxiety while attempting to complete certain class assignments independently.  She did not usually ask for help.  When she did receive help from the teacher, she would get upset with the teacher for writing on her paper and touching her class materials.  This social story was definitely helpful!   The third story is just a simple sharing story.  I find it to be helpful for all of my younger students.  It’s a great lesson for Pre-K and Kindergarten.  I hope these stories can be helpful for you students as well!  


  1. I love using social stories! Thank you for sharing yours :)


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  4. Thank you so much for sharing! I nominated your blog for two awards. Check out and for more info.