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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Today was the first time it actually sunk in that I'm no longer going to "clinic" or class and that I don't have a supervisor critiquing me or grading me based on how well I can mimic their clinical skills and create my own from their model. I am a full time faculty member at a wonderful school and I'm starting to feel like an actual adult. Slowly but surely my wonderful room has been coming along.
My "old school" whiteboard!
The fabrics I used for my curtains and my bulletin board :-)
Aren't these patterns so cute? I'm lucky to have a sink in my room?

I've experienced my first IEP and only screwed up one major aspect - yet everything is fixable and I'm hoping that all the mistakes I make will be reversible or at least able to be mended somehow. I am very lucky to have such wonderful SLP friends to share ideas and ask a million questions to!
I'm hoping that I'll be able to contribute ideas and products with you all! I'll definitely upload photos once I figure out how to easily do it from my iPad!

Thanks for reading !


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