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Sunday, September 23, 2012

CCSS Articulation Activity

This is an easy activity that I came up with to address articulation objectives while incorporating the common core state standards. I have to first give credit to my wonderful graduate clinician, Samantha Barksdale, for telling me about this awesome graphic organizer.

First, you take the paper (or cardstock - which we used) and fold it like a hot dog (vertically). Then, you cut strips on the top fold (10 down).

From here, you have several options/activities you can do depending on the skill level of your student. Have the students look up words with their sound in the dictionary. Then have them write the word on the top of the strip and open to write the definition.

If your student has difficulty writing, you can use one session to collaboratively find words in the dictionary that have his/her sound. Then print those words along with the definition for the next session where the student can paste onto each strip.

My students really enjoyed this activity because they were in control of what words they practiced! You can also use this as a language activity to address vocabulary words the students are learning in the classroom.

So what are you doing to incorporate the CCSS into therapy??

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