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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We Love Language...

…but we HATE grammar, right? Well maybe some do. I have a love/hate relationship with grammar. I enjoy using correct grammar, correcting other’s grammar, and hearing grammar used correctly. However, I am not good at identifying correct terms for our elementary (and up through high school) students that struggle with English. So I some research a while back and found this awesome website:

These are the categories that each contains a plethora of worksheets, tips, activities, and visual aids for our struggling students (and adults!). Today I printed about a dozen worksheets from the “PRONOUN” section. I have one preschool student in particular who gets stuck on “her said” and “his said” frequently. I used these worksheets with her (used sheet protectors in a nice tidy workbook I made) and had her use a dry erase marker to circle the correct answers.
She loved it!

They also have a whole page dedicated to “MINIMAL PAIRS LANGUAGE ACTIVITIES”. The page includes contrast cards (great colorful pictures) as a PDF or a word document (so you can edit it as needed) which address everything from antonyms to pronouns to multiple meaning words.

Go and see for yourself!


  1. Anna, I love what you've done with the place!!! :) This blog rocks!!

  2. A colleague shared this site with us last week! I don't know how I didn't already know about it!

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