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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Keeping in touch with your student's parents/guardians

I've found that making a phone call home or sending an e-mail to your student's family members can sometimes be less than successful. Although progress reports are due every 9 weeks (seriously!?), sometimes we have the over-achieving parents or the completely absent parents who need to be updated more frequently on the progress (or lack of) of their child. I've created a simple form  to keep up. Pinterest has a ton of other ideas, however, the one I created is simple and when you print it out, you can make it double sided.


  1. I really like this! It's simple and to the point. :) I feel your pain with progress reports - ours go out every 6 weeks with their report cards. It seems like every time I turn around I'm filling those things out! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Stefani, Thank you! Every 6 weeks? Wow! That's quick. It's almost too quick for me! I'd be worried I wouldn't have enough progress to show. I hope you can used this to help with communicating with your parents.

  3. I started making a newsletter for my speech class. We have class 2 days a week, so our format involves a sound of the week, a set of practice words, a simple craft, center activities and more all centered around a children's book that embeds the sound throughout the book! I found emailing the newsletter as well as home extension ideas and on-line links, opened the door for more parent communication. Of course we don't discuss anything confidential, but it improves the lines of communication! Thanks for sharing your great ideas! I love hearing what other people have to share!


  4. Thanks so much for your tips!
    I am going to try the labels idea - sounds like a big time-saver.
    I wondered how you use the parent communication form - do you compile the info each day, and then send home after the required number of weeks? Or send it each day, and ask for it to come back? I really want to connect with parents more, but am finding that my biggest challenge. I love the newsletter idea, but don't see myself having time or technology access to get that together. Any other tips appreciated! :)