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Friday, October 12, 2012

App Review: "STORY BUILDER" by Mobile Education Store

Kyle over at Mobile Education Store was so gracious to let us review his Story Builder app and give one away!!!  I'm sure you'll join me in saying Thank You for your generosity!!

So, without further delay, this is what WE love about Story Builder
  • Students can generate their own stories and are not bound to a set of predetermined answers
  • Therapists/parents can choose to skip pictures that may be too abstract for the student/child
  • Student record their own voice and can replay the entire story to hear for themselves; which means you can work on things like intonation, voice and fluency while hitting those CCSS!

  • Stories can be saved!!
  • 3 Levels of play allow you, the therapist/parent, to determine how easy/hard you want the task to be
    • Level 1: questions will be asked regarding each picture
    • Level 2: questions are asked and the student will need to make inferences about the events in each picture
    • Level 3: the student can make up any story he/she wishes

  • This app can be used to address articulation, vocabulary, increasing mean length of utterance, syntax, morphology, voice and fluency!
So who would like to have a FREE Story Builder App???  Here's your chance . . . sign up below and good luck!!

Check out Kyle's site at Mobile Education Store today!

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  1. I would love to win this for my speech pad! Love Mobile Education!

  2. This looks super cute!
    -Lauren (busy bee speech blog)

  3. I have Prep builder and love it! Thanks for keeping them coming!

  4. This looks like an app my students would have a lot of fun with...and it does seem very versatile!

    Talking With Rebecca