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Friday, October 26, 2012

"The Solution to Reading Comprehension"

There is a buzz going around about this fantastic 

About the Lessons & Units

What if I already use a core reading program?
  • ReadWorks complements core reading programs. In fact, we’re aligning many of the programs for you.
  • Most reading programs Do NOT address the specific needs of teachers and students in reading comprehension.
Is ReadWorks all I need?
  • Reading comprehension requires decoding and phonics mastery, fluency, independent reading, and the building of vocabulary and background knowledge across all subjects, so ReadWorks is one essential component of your complete literacy program.
  • ReadWorks lessons support vocabulary and background knowledge development.

This is phenomenal, clean, simple, user-friendly, SLP-friendly (whooohooo!) resource gold mine. This website provides FREE READING PASSAGES that are organized by Grade Level, Skill/Strategy, Lexile Level and then you can search by keyword. 

The website also allows you to ALIGN YOUR LESSON PLANS WITH COMMON CORE STANDARDS!  This can be done once you've created an account and designated which grade levels you work with.  You can put it into an Excel doc, a Word doc, or print it. 

I downloaded 15 lessons already and at least 10 different passages. The passages can be filtered alphabetically, by grade level, lexile level, or by skill/strategy level. 
IT'S FREE and very very good for those of us who need new passages or like to mix things up. 
On the left hand side there are links for LESSON PLANS 

Each lesson plan has extensive resources, worksheet, passages, and step-by-step instructions. Who said we ever needed to create everything from scratch? With a resource like, we don't have to!

What will you do with this resource?


  1. I had discovered this site last year, a recommendation from another school SLP. It's fantastic, a great resource. This year they added non fiction to allign with common core.I use it all the time. Thanks for putting the word out.

  2. Yes! It is so helpful. I'm printing worksheets right now from the Thanksgiving 2012 passages
    Thank you for reading and thank you for the comment!