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Parent Tips for Articulation Practice at Home

Christmas - Letter to Santa

Boy and the Ghost by Robert D. San Souci and J. Brian Pinkney


Speech Therapy Progress Sheet for Parents

Vocal Hygiene

Weather Unit


Would you rather...?

Cloudy Order of Events

Speech Dollar

Speech Dollar


Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans per day

Lesson Plan/Objectives 

Lesson Plan/Progress Monitoring 


Reward System Template

Reward System Template
See our post about how to use this reward system:  Reward System Post


Scheduling is such a task at the beginning of the school year. Check out what we use to schedule our therapy groups.

IEP/Re eval Schedule - Excel

IEP / Re Eval Schedule


Conversation Piece

Lily Pad
Learn about how we use Lily Pads:  Lily Pad Post

Social Stories

Social Story: My New School
Finding Things
I Need Help
Sharing Toys

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I especially love the vocal hygiene handout for parents, teachers, and clients. Also, the speech dollars are very useful for my reward system.