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Kid Talk

Mr. Cosby had it right when he said, "kids say the darndest things!" We are dedicating this page to all those funny moments in therapy and maybe even out of therapy when our students and kids say the darndest things.

Let's start with a couple of sayings my darling daughter use to say:
"thick name" for nickname ... "so what's your thick name mommy?"

"sunscream" for sunscreen ... "I need more sunscream!"

and my favorite "Candyball" for cannon ball . . . before jumping in the pool she screams (at the top of her lungs) "CANDYBALL!!!!"

I saw a child with some asperger like characteristics today and we were discussing adjectives he would use to describe himself....he said (in his overly precise voice/articulation), "kind...because I'd give money to the poor and homeless." so I followed up with, "oh! And 'generous'!" he then said, "well, yeah, cause if ya need a kidney I've got one right here for ya (pointing at his kidney)!" LOL


This past week, I had a student who is very delayed developmentally and usually is ten steps behind in his kindergarten class. Thank God he has a wonderful teacher and patient peers who help him with his assignments and encourage him to do well. He and another boy are in my session together and the other boy is artic-only with one speech sound (frontal s). The artic student (we'll call him Doug), is usually very patient with DD student (we'll call him Mark). The other day, Mark turned to Doug and said, "I really like Doug, I like to be just like him. I like it when he's here. I can be like Doug" Doug then looked at me, smiled, and very sweetly and lispily said, "Mark didn't go to preschool." I tried my best not to bust out laughing and instead, smiled, and said, that's right Doug, he sure didn't.
Poor Mark....

My older brother was about 4-years-old when he and a neighbor were swimming in the baby pool and began to drink some water. My mother and the neighbor's mother were drinking their coffee on the patio when she said, "Adam! Don't drink the water!' Adam looked up and said, "It's okay Mommy, it's decaffeinated."

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