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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Story Grammar Marker

I've been using the The Story Grammar Marker for about five years now and I just love it! SGM was developed by MindWing Concepts, Inc. Please check out their site at This is a well developed product!

I use it to facilitate expressive and receptive language skills in students through literature. Sometimes we use the SGM to recap stories we have read and sometimes we use it to develop our own stories. I used this in my Mysteries of Harris Burdick lesson.

This is a picture of how the SGM works; each story element is accompanied by a graphic. For instance, the green puff ball with googly eyes represents the Character/s. I like to make a copy of this on bright paper to give to each student so that they can identify each story element.
This is the SGM Episode Organizer; the story elements are broken into three parts: Beginning, Middle and End. Simple as that. I make a copy of a blank SGM Episode Organizer for the students to fill in themselves.
Finally, I make a copy of each SGM on different color paper to represent the Beginning, Middle and End of the story. After we have discussed each story element and have applied it to a story we have read, I have the students develop their own stories through the use of these worksheets.
Check out MindWing Concepts, Inc. to see their full line of innovative, hands-on learning products!

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