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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lesson Plans

Being an SLP in the public school system has its ups and downs . . . one of the "downs" is trying to figure out how to develop individualized lesson plans ... this is REALLY a downer when you have 65+ students with varying disabilities. After working in the schools for the past eight years, I think I finally found the perfect lesson plan for me. Holly came up with this layout last year and it has worked beautifully!

You can download an example of this fabulous lesson plan by clicking the pic above or by clicking here. You'll see that we have the day of the week at the top, with a place to put the date for that day, a To Do list and a Meeting list (this is really my two favorite parts of the lesson plan!!)  We create one for each day and save each to the desktop so that each morning when we turn on the computer we can print out our LPs. I have entered one group as an example for you. We normally do not type in the Activities, we just write in what we want to do ... we do type in anything we need to in the To Do list and Meeting list. The plans are arranged by group and the student's individual objectives are added. Depending on what I plan for that day, I will choose which objectives I want to target and highlight it to remind me :) 

You'll notice I have one group that says "Rotating Direct Therapy and/or Assessment" ... I put this in when I have gaps/breaks in my schedule. I use this time to schedule screeners or make-up sessions when needed.

I print my LPs in portrait form (as shown) b/c this is what works best for me; Holly, on the other hand, likes to print hers in Landscape....either way, I hope you like the plans as much as we do!


  1. Has your district incorporated 5 minute articulation drills? That's the only thing we're doing with the kids in my public school clinic placement this semester. My supervisor doesn't use any games. Drills for arti and the kids classwork for language and literacy. After planning elaborate lesson plans in undergrad, it's a whole new outlook for me.

    1. Yes! We do implement 5 Min Artic, however, every therapist implements it differently. As you'll come to know when you're out of school, you do what is best for your students and what is feasible at your school. At my school I do 5 Min Artic with my RTI students when my schedule permits...I love the theory and idea, but sometimes it is just not possible with a large caseload and full schedule. I hope this answered your question.

  2. I really like this lesson plan. I might have to give it a whirl this year. Thanks!

  3. I like this format! I have been using something similar to this for a couple of years but also include my data in the notes with a column to summarize it.

  4. Thank you! I downloaded this earlier and the year & forgot to post a comment - sorry! I love using this. I keep it in my "daily folder" with sections for each of my different schools, which helps to cut down the travel load a bit. :) I moved the activity to sit underneath the objective and use the last column for data collection. This has made things a lot easier - thanks again for sharing!!

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