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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Speech Cards Review

Anna and I decided to review a new app for you....Speech Cards Professional from RWH Technology. You can get this fabulous app in the app store for only $4.99!! This is a GREAT app I think you all should get! It's so inexpensive and you can use it with virtually every student on your caseload!

Here's what we loved about the app:
  • The speech card app is an easy, simple, fantastic app that allows the user to utilize the existing cards as well as create their own.
  • The app is user-friendly in that it is easy to navigate, with large print, bright colors, and a very helpful manual.
  • It comes with four basic card stacks: animals, food, initial /p/, and CVC words.
  • The user can add their own photos from their library to use with their self-generated card stack.
  • You can also select multiple card stacks to use within the session to increase the variety.
  • You can record your voice for each card stack.
  • Once you create your own card stacks, you can e-mail them to other users with the app.

This is an easy, simple and user-friendly app, as well as child-friendly! The older students can be in charge of their card stacks and these can be used as characters from stories, vocabulary, sight words, or anything you need them to be.

We would like to see, however, a "take photo" option or an "add google image" option, as seen on some other apps.

There are so many uses for this app:
  • Articulation Cards
  • Communication Photo Book
  • Categories
  • Literacy
  • Social Stories
  • And much, much more!!!

Check out our App Page to download this app today!!

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