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Thursday, May 17, 2012

App Review: Articulation Station

Articulation Station is a great app to use with any articulation student. The app utilizes colorful, motivating pictures that the students can relate to. Stimulus items are organized in three groups: Words, Sentences, and Stories. These are the things we love most about the app:
  • Students can record and playback their own productions (promotes self-awareness/self-monitoring)
  • "Check" and "X" buttons on each page/sound can be used for student feedback and therapist data
  • Data can be saved to individual students
  • You can work on multiple sounds with multiple students, each with their own data being stored for each sound
  • Stories are followed by comprehension questions
This is a must have app!! Check out the author's blog at:

Articulation Station Pro - Little Bee Speech

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