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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Reward System

Here’s how it works…  At the beginning of the school year, my students are given a “speech card”.  I write their name on the card, and they are allowed to color and draw on their card.  Each card has a Velcro tab on the back.  The cards are kept in the pocket chart (see picture).  When the students come to speech, they find their card in the pocket chart and place it on the green strip with the smiley face.  Students move their card to the yellow strip with the straight face if they receive a warning for any undesirable behaviors.  If the student continues to misbehave, the card is moved to the red strip.  If the card stays on green or yellow during the session, the student will get a sticker in one square on his/her card.  When all five squares have a sticker, the student is allowed to select a treat/prize from the treasure chest, stickers are removed, and the student begins the cycle again.  My students love the system and the response has been awesome.  They really want to get those stickers and get treasure chest!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to get my students and one says, “I only need one more sticker so I’m going to get to do treasure chest today!”  Check out our "Free Downloads" page to download the template to make your own speech cards!  J


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