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Monday, May 14, 2012

App Review: My PlayHome

My PlayHome by Shimon Young is an excellent app for language therapy.  It’s a doll house with five rooms (kitchen, bathroom, living room, backyard, and bedroom) and five “dolls” (mom, dad, baby, brother, sister).  The app is very interactive.  Users can move the dolls around and have the dolls perform activities such as eating, drinking, watching TV, sleeping, showering, brushing their teeth, etc.  Users can open the curtains, turn on the TV, change the CD in the CD player, bounce a ball, swing a swing, etc. 

We love using this app to teach skills like….
·         Vocabulary that is functional for young children
·         Simple commands like turn on, turn off, put in, take out, open, close, put on, take off, etc.
·         Multi-step directions
·         Basic concepts like fully, empty, all-gone, clean, dirty, dry, wet, opened, closed, colors, quantity, etc.
·         Pronouns
·         Associating sounds with objects (the clock ticks, the stereo plays music, hear the faucet running water, hear the toilet flush, hear the tea kettle whistle, hear the microwave, etc.)
·         Categorizing
·         Social skills needed for the home environment (role play requesting, conversations, playing, etc.)
·         And so much more!!
We love this app and would love to see more like it (maybe a school with a classroom, library, cafeteria, office, playground)! 

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